Polar Alignment

My 10" LX200 is mounted on a Super Wedge that has been slightly modified. 

Thrust and nylon bearings were added plus grease on all moving components.

A Scope Saver is mounted in between the wedge and the tripod.

Scope-Saver.JPG (51852 bytes)

I use drift alignment procedures for precision adjustment after initial polar alignment.

Astronomer's Control Panel has a very good procedure that is better than the one

in the Meade manual. After this initial step I drift align.


Drift Alignment

Azimuth Adjustment-Side Knob

Find a star near the meridian and with an 12mm or better illuminated reticle watch for drift. 

Adjust reticle until star moves parallel to the left right and up down lines using NSEW on keypad. 

If the alignment is off the star will either drift up or down. Don't worry about drift in R.A.

If the star moves up turn the right knob counter clockwise (looking at scope power panel).

side-knob.JPG (84384 bytes)

If the star moves down turn the right knob clockwise.

Altitude Adjustment-Back Knob

Now move the scope to within10 degrees of the eastern horizon.

Same as above, watch for star drift up or down that will at this angle be in the R.A. lines.

Move back knob counter or clockwise to keep star centered in cross hairs.

Back-knob.JPG (37620 bytes)     New T-Block eliminates backlash    T-block.JPG (337606 bytes)

Once complete slew back to the meridian and recheck for any movement.

After the star stays in the crosshairs for 5 minutes a good polar alignment is achieved.

Repeat until the star  has no vertical or horizontal movement.

Now you can perform P.E.C. training. I have tried manual and auto guide methods and

have found the manually entered method to work better although some have had success with the latter.