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 A 10' Prodome has been set up with all the automation.  The entire operation can be operated local or remotely. ACP2 is used as a hub to couple all the software together and Pinpoint for a digital finder scope. Click on any thumbnail for enlargement.


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ProDome Assembly

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Construction of Pad and Pier

Forms erected and Dan checking alignment of everything. Placement of the pad took some thought as not to detract from the flow of the backyard, but to get maximum sky exposure and least amount of light pollution. The scope will track almost the entire ecliptic from east to west horizon in this position.

Level.JPG (516699 bytes)      Pvc2.JPG (498437 bytes)   Dan2.JPG (511742 bytes)   Dan.JPG (493766 bytes)    Forms.JPG (395854 bytes)

Pier foundation and pad are poured.

Pier2.JPG (481125 bytes)   Fresh-mud.JPG (455137 bytes)   Concrete.JPG (440771 bytes)   Wet2.JPG (401226 bytes)   Sidewalk.JPG (687037 bytes)   Pad.JPG (375130 bytes)

Making the Superwedge mount I had two 14"x14" 1/2 inch steel plates cut and drilled to match the base of the Superwedge. The base was not very flat so it was milled at a local machine shop. The T-block had to be reduced to match the milling. Note the diamond cut in the concrete pad for pier isolation.

Mess.JPG (420618 bytes)   Pier.JPG (388569 bytes)   wedge-base.JPG (67378 bytes)   T-block-pier.JPG (37871 bytes)   Superwedge.JPG (662392 bytes)    

Scope Mounted prior to receiving dome.

Pier3.JPG (606533 bytes)   Ready2.JPG (634360 bytes)   Ready.JPG (380754 bytes)   Mirror-lock.JPG (466686 bytes)

Drift Alignment

Drift-zenith.JPG (91475 bytes)   drift-horizon.JPG (81178 bytes)      Initalizing.JPG (413878 bytes)   GPS.JPG (607016 bytes)

Ready to image

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