Digital Developing Process

Maxim has a great processing tool called DDP for bringing out detail in images

like an over exposed galaxy core or a dim nebula.

Take for example this multiple summed image of M51 that has been dark and flat calibrated only.

M51-autostar-lum.JPG (37983 bytes)

Now select  DDP in Maxim under the Process menu

and center the core. Experiment with different filters until the desired effect is achieved.

In this case a Low-Pass and Auto DDP parameter was used.

Now click ok and the processed image will look something like this:

M51-autostar-lum-ddp.JPG (113982 bytes)

Normal screen stretching will reveal the core.

I think the black hole is now visible ;-)

Screen-stretch copy.JPG (65329 bytes)

You can do this to all frames involved prior to LRGB combining.

I then save as a 8 bit Tiff file and final process in Photoshop.

To see the finished LRGB image click on M51