Eagle Nebula    M 16

The Eagle Nebula  is located in the constellation Serpens Cauda (Tail of the Serpent).

Backyard image in Gilbert, Arizona  with a 10" Meade LX200 @ f6.3 and a SBIG ST8E CCD / CFW8 / AO-7. OAT was 80 F. 

RRGB exposures were 1200 sec Red Luminance, 600 red, 600 green and 1200 blue @ 1x1 on 7/27/01.

Camera was operated at -20c with water cooling. Acquired and processed with Maxim CCD/DL  and adjusted in Photoshop.

Guide star was SAO 161315 @ 7.91 magnitude.

To see the HST image click on  Hubble M16